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Shining Star Summer Detox Package
is a 7-day cleanse that includes

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Daily Vital Check:

This includes Oxygen level, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Sugar level Weight. The purpose of the daily vital check is to monitor the patient process in weight loss sugar level and other vitals and other vitals. This way we can detect if something is affecting the patient.

Colon Cleanse:

The main part of this (7) days detox package is cleansing the colon. This process is done by flushing the colon from the rectum. It is a painless experience and takes about 1 hour daily for (7) days with periodic breaks within the hour. A visual guide booklet is provided for patients before the process begins, an experienced healthcare provider will be there to assist. This process is important to help the bowels release any waste build-up that the colon cannot release.

Daily Meal:

When detoxing it’s very important to supply the body with the right source of food. Patients receive freshly prepared vegetable soup every day from their colonics. Enough soup is provided for (3) meals, each day a new batch of soup will be provided. Each patient is different and depending on the patient’s detoxing process they can move on to fruits and vegetables on the day (4). The reason for the change of diet is to remove unwanted parasites and worms.


After the patient leaves the colon cleanse the room. Patients will then receive about 8 -10 organic supplements for deworming and parasites, cilium, and more. The reason for these supplements is to aid and assist in expelling unwanted foreign bodies.

Sauna + Lymphatic System detox:

Along with daily vitals check patients will receive treatment for their lymphatic system that will help to detox and activate their lymph nodes. The lymphatic system is activated by the movement of the muscles which increases the heart rate as well as heat which is both done with our shaker and sauna treatment. It is important to keep our lymphatic system properly functioning because it is the body’s filter. When the lymphatic system is properly functioning it helps to maintain fluid balance in the body.

Massage Therapy:

One of the key benefits of massage therapy is its ability to support the body’s natural detoxification process, leading to a gentle but effective body cleanse. Over time, our bodies can accumulate toxins from various sources such as pollution, processed foods, and stress. These toxins can hinder the optimal functioning of our bodily systems and may contribute to various health issues.

Post-Colonics Supplements:

Probiotics are given after the colonics are finished to restore the good bacteria. Probiotics are given in yogurt form and capsule.

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I had skin cancer and we are thankful that it was caught and dealt with in the early stage. SSHC put a black salve on it and the skin cancer came out. The wound healed very well too. When my dad & I had his prostate surgery, we were happy with the friendly house service that SSHC provided. I’ve done my Intestines Irrigation at SSHC. I had issues with parasites and could not seem to get rid of them. I decided to do the intestines Irrigation and it seemed to help with the parasites and also got my energy back.

Menno Dueck

I have greatly benefited from Shining Star Health Center professional expertise. I strongly believe they are a caring and empathetic professional who constantly strives to bring into fruition the quality of healing one’s body, mind, and spirit that it may need without treating symptoms. They always consider the care of their clients first. I highly recommend them to everyone and anyone!

Marvin Sandoval

I had been suffering with knee pain for some time. Am very thankful for the treatment SSHC did on me for my knees. I now have no pain in my knees since treatment. I also had unexplained pain all over my body and they gave me treatment for it and I’ve been pain-free now for over a year. Overall, it has been a positive experience with the procedure they did at SSHC.

Tina Thiessen

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