About Us

Shining Star Health Clinic offers a wide range of naturopathic care for all types of illness including Prevention and Maintenance Care, Autoimmune Disease, Degenerative Disease, and more. We specialize in building up the immune system and cleansing the body and mind using mostly holistic methods and products – restoring the natural balance to your body.

We provide people with the very best holistic solution to any ailment, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or what they are going through.

A holistic health retreat and lifestyle center to meet the needs of our global community


Shining Star Health Center was established in October 2018 and is an alternative medicine health clinic based in the Spanish Lookout Community, Belize. The clinic was incorporated to provide its clients with the very best holistic solution to any ailment, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or what they are going through. Shining Star Health Center prefers to take a holistic approach first and use medical intervention only when necessary. We have an entire array of excellent protocols and natural procedures available to treat almost any type of health concern. To add to our professional team of well-trained staff, we are also in-network with medical doctors and experts in the field to offer you the best natural health care possible.

Meet Our Founder

Mrs. Plett is a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with further informal training in medical procedures, diagnostic and naturopathic prescriptions. She has dedicated much of her time to learn more about holistic health practices and has made connections with many international doctors. Her vision is to guide others to better health with a holistic approach; her greatest joy is seeing persons become healthier, stronger, and enjoy an optimized life. As a busy mom of two wonderful children and the wife of a business/farmer, Clara finds the time to patiently listen to the needs of persons seeking help and ensures the best possible solution is sought to treat their specific ailments.

A message from our founder

As the Founder and Managing Director of Shining Star Health Center, it is my honor to share the profile of this very unique business venture. My name is Clara Jane Plett and the following details of our story and how Shining Star Health Center came to be, is very dear to my heart; as you peruse the information presented, I hope that you will be able to appreciate the unique opportunity we have in the context of Belize to revolutionize the niche of holistic health. 

My passion for helping others and performing curative treatments has always been a part of my identity, even as a child I would play with my dolls, pretending to administer medical treatment to them. At the age of seventeen (17), my desire to help save lives led me to earn the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification, and I served as an EMT for five (5) years. This experience opened my eyes to the reality that something vital was missing in how people with injuries and diseases were treated, there was a lack of alternative options with supportive human-to-human contact during treatment and recovery.

In recent years my passion has met opportunity and the vision of creating a holistic health center in Belize has become a reality. In October of 2018, Shining Star Health Center was established and incorporated as an alternative medicine health clinic based in Spanish Lookout, Belize. Our goal is to offer the very best holistic solution through alternative medicine and provide a haven for the renewal of physical health, mental health, relationships, and inner peace.

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