with Our Health Maintenance Package

Shining Star Maintenance Package includes

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Zyto Scan:

A Zyto Scan is a non-invasive health assessment tool that is often used in alternative and complementary medicine practices to help develop custom health recommendation, focus on mind-body connection and consider emotional and mental factors that may impact health; stress reduction + more.


After the patient has undergone the scanning process, they will begin a 7-day colon cleanse treatment. This treatment is designed to detoxify the body by focusing on the colon, aiming to address parasites, bacteria, and foreign bodies. It also encompasses daily vital checks, Ozone therapy, lymph shaker sessions, anti-parasite and deworming supplements, and the addition of a sauna treatment to enhance the overall cleansing process.

Natural Juices:

Patients are served fresh, natural juices, teas, and smoothies prepared in the kitchen, using locally sourced fruits and vegetables.

Vegan Lunch:

After the patient has completed the colon cleanse and begun their daily maintenance treatments, they will receive healthy snacks at intervals along with fresh vegan/vegetarian meals.

Ozone Therapy

In addition to the Lymph shaker and sauna treatment, patients will also undergo non-invasive ozone therapy. Ozone therapy can stimulate cell proliferation, signal the body’s stem cells to mobilize to the treatment area, and enhance the cells’ capacity to manage oxidative stress. It can also enhance blood flow to the treated area, promote lymphatic drainage, and reduce inflammation.

Rife Treatment:

Rife is used to kill or disable diseased cells.

Lymph Shaker + sauna:

In addition to the daily vital signs check, patients will receive lymphatic system treatments aimed at detoxification and lymph node activation. The lymphatic system is stimulated through muscle movement, which increases the heart rate and generates heat, both of which are achieved through our shaker and sauna treatment. Maintaining a properly functioning lymphatic system is crucial, as it serves as the body’s filtration system. When the lymphatic system functions effectively, it helps regulate fluid balance within the body.


Based on the patient’s results following a second scan post-colon cleanse treatment, they will be prescribed a personalized list of medications tailored to address the patient’s specific requirements. These medications are intended to either support the ongoing cleansing or rebuilding process for the patient.

MMS Treatments:

MMS, or Miracle Mineral Solution, is claimed by some to have potential applications in the treatment of a range of infectious and degenerative diseases. It is suggested that in the context of cancer treatment, this substance may have the ability to induce a reversion of cancer cells into normal, healthy cells.

Massage Therapy:

One of the primary advantages of massage therapy is its capacity to facilitate the body’s innate detoxification process, promoting a gradual yet effective cleansing of the body. Over time, our bodies can accumulate toxins from diverse sources, including pollution, processed foods, and stress. These accumulated toxins can impede the optimal functioning of our bodily systems and may potentially contribute to a variety of health issues.


I had been experiencing knee pain for quite some time. I am very thankful for the treatment SSHC provided for my knees. Since the treatment, I have had no pain in my knees. Additionally, I had unexplained pain all over my body, and they administered treatment for it. I have been pain-free for over a year now. Overall, the procedure at SSHC has been a positive experience for me.

Tina Thiessen

I had skin cancer, and we are thankful that it was detected and addressed in the early stages. Shining Star Health Center (SSHC) applied a black salve, effectively eliminating the skin cancer, and the wound healed exceptionally well. During my father’s prostate surgery, we were pleased with the friendly in-house service provided by SSHC. I underwent Intestines Irrigation at SSHC due to issues with parasites that I couldn’t seem to eliminate. Opting for intestine irrigation proved beneficial, helping with the parasites and restoring my energy.

Menno Dueck

Shining Star Health Center is a beautifully appointed establishment, where a caring staff greets you with a warm smile. The inviting environment is designed to elevate your health to new levels with the soothing influence of nature. Highly recommended.

Hans Dyck